Installation piece II


Scenario: This is a collaborative performance to be staged with nine people, for nine voices and percussion. Previously it has been performed with Angel Deradoorian, Joe Westerlund, XXXXXXX.

The rin we find in the West have generally arrived here after Buddhist temples undertake a periodical clear-out, to refresh their physical environment. They have been repurposed into the secular world but still retain a spiritual force.

Art cannot be consumed, only shared. Here, nine people's voices fill the shared space, which becomes electric and pregnant with potential. The collective awareness this inspires creates a bond between all people in the room, rendering irrelevant the traditional subject-object opposition between artist and listener. This allows all of us to be truly present in this space and time, when often, in day-to-day life, we are not. The ideal is an atmosphere of transcendent contemplation. 



Miles to photograph gallery space? this was on our list from Italy, your suggestion! 

edit together brief video from camera-phone footage