castel del monte.jpg

Installation piece I


Space requirements: indoor space with separate entry area 

Scenario: Visitors enter via the entry area, where they are given a set of scrubs and a key to a locker unit. They leave all clothing, cell phones, cameras, etc. in the unit and put on the scrubs before entering the room. The room is softened with carpet offcuts and bean bags on the floor, and very low lighting.

The piece begins with a quiet group meditation. As the lights fade to complete blackness, four musicians, one in each corner of the room, begin to play. Instrumentation is variable but the four instruments must be the same. Integral to the piece is the participation of local musicians; the piece is simple enough to be playable by those of intermediate skill levels or higher. The score is based on four offset sine waves and seeks to create different wave relationships within the natural resonant quality of the room. 

The aim is to re-immerse listeners in their own interior spiritual and psychological space, bringing focus, mindfulness and awareness.

The piece can be staged in one of two ways:

- a 30min piece in which the lights gradually come up, so that at the end of the piece the room is gently lit

- a 12hr endurance piece in which listeners can come and go freely as long as they are dressed in scrubs and have left all possessions outside the room