I have always been befuddled by remixes. Maybe it’s my lack of understanding of the traditions that spawned them, but they often sound quite flat and fail to expand the scope of the source material. Sometimes, however, I think they can be amazing, and I love the collaborative spirit inherent in them. I also love the process of bringing an outside perspective to a piece of music and finding my own center of gravity within it.


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One of my bombs, "Isaldamom"

Another of mine, "Creatorz" feat. Masta P

One of my favorite projects with Akron/Family, <bmbz> was a radical deconstruction of our then-forthcoming record by each member as well as other artists, coupled with large-scale "leak" campaign. I loved how it played with anticipation and expectation, and with the notion of an album as a product, as well as its sonic qualities.


"MSBHFADE" (Bola) 



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I was honored to remix a track by the amazing Ghanian artist Bola for Awesome Tapes from Africa. I undertook it as a collaboration with Blue Hawaii (Griffin Rodriguez of Bablicon/Icy Demons).


“Happy” (Sycamore Age)

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I met Sycamore Age while on tour with Seth Olinsky and Kid Millions in Italy. They later asked me (under the name Akron/Family) to remix a song for them.


"Summer Sun" (Slow Down Molasses)

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This Canadian band approached me to remix the lead single from their most recent album.