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Chiesa Santa Maria in Chiavica, Verona, Italy 

Circolo dei lettori, Torino, Italy

CAOS museum, Terni, Italy 

Video of performance and interview filmed in April 2015 by Riccardo Tappo.

1:08 Untitled Ambient Pieces 

These two short pieces are from an ongoing series of 1:08 works. Recorded primarily with electric guitar at home, they are like daily sonic journal entries, or meditative practices. The number 108 is considered sacred by many Eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and connected yoga- and dharma-based practices. The digits 1, 0 and 8 represent one thing, nothing and everything (infinity), symbolizing the belief of the ultimate reality of the universe as being paradoxically and simultaneously one, empty and infinite.

108 is also mathematically significant: it is an abundant number, a semiperfect number and a tetranacci number. It is divisible by the value of its φ function (36) and by the total number of its divisors (12), making it a refactorable number as well. It is also, in base 10, a self number, which may be the most evocatively named type of number there is.